Mount Antoine ski area, Ontario

  All the 11 slopes here are totally enjoyable. This is a relaxed ski hill in possession of an average altitude difference when compared to other Eastern Canada ski resorts. This ski hill has a modest set of ski trails and quite few lifts. The 630 foot altitude difference is naturally not that much to boast about, but Mount Antoine has so many other splendid features. Mount Antoine has a much lower than average proportion of expert and advanced ski runs and a much higher than average share of beginner and intermediate
    ski trails. Mount Antoine receives less snowfall than the local average each winter. The 3 ski lifts here are perfectly looked after and run by pleasant people. Having 80 acres of skiable terrain, it's fantastically pleasant and cozy. The seasonal snowfall of
7 feet keeps the slopes well blanketed all through the winter. The snowboarding and the skiing in Ontario is scores of fun all winter season long. When this sector of Ontario is blanketed in fluffy snow; it is so delightful for snowboarding and skiing. Getting a glorious workout and getting out of the house for a while will have you returning for more. This is a good site for everybody with lots of beginner and intermediate trails for beginners. Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, there are lots of glorious sites for that close at hand. 

Elevation drop: 630 feet
Expert and advanced runs: 28 %
Intermediate runs: 27 %
Beginner runs: 45 %
Runs: 11
Lifts: 3
Annual snowfall: 7 feet
Skiing Area: 80 acres

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Mount Antoine ski area Trail Map:

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