Before we go any further we need to mention safety. Snowmobiling has a quite high rate of fatalities compared to other winter sports. Snowmobiling is probably the most dangerous thing you can do in the winter, but it's also the most fun. Is it worth it? Definitely!
There are two major causes of deaths and injuries in snowmobiling: 
One cause is injury or death from trauma in an accident, unfortunately there's not much to do about this factor, except wearing a helmet. Driving safe is just not fun, nothing beats the thrill of pushing the envelope and cheating death.
The other cause is freezing or starving to death as a result of mechanical breakdown far from civilization. Even the best snow mobiles do break down. Fortunately being prepared can save your life if your snowmobile breaks down. Don't rely on your mobile phone if you get stuck, if you can get a signal that's great but chances are you won't.

If you take the following precautions and bring the following items there's no way you will get killed if your snowmobile breaks down:

- No cotton, when cotton gets wet it conducts heat away from your body. Use synthetic materials or wool, these materials keep you warm even if you're wet (and you will always get wet when you're snow camping)
- Mitt style gloves, no fingers, just a thumb and a big collective pouch for your fingers.
- Snow boots should have a removable inner liner.

- Bring a pair of plastic snowshoes with you so you can walk back.

-  Bring a small tarp with you to make a shelter from the elements.

- Bring a small blanket with you, the kind they have on airplanes.

- No question about it, get a Trailstove from , it's the only stove any sane winter camper would use. Gas needs to be warmed up before use in cold weather, and besides you need to use a campstove more often in the winter time, which is no problem for the Trailstove since it runs on wood. It only weighs about a pound so it won't weigh you down.

- Always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back.
- Get high detail topo maps of the area before you head out even if you are familiar with the area, you may have to take an alternate route back for various reasons. 

And now for the more fun stuff:

Polaris, 800 XCR
Remember your last flight? That feeling you got when the pilot hit the throttle and the G-force pushed you back in your seat? That's the Indy 800 XCR - smooth, unbridled power. It's the fastest 800 triple on snow thanks to its high-tech case reed engine design including triple pipes and variable exhaust. Race proven gas shocks are standard up front while a handlebar switch allows you to tune its electronic adjustable rear track shock on the fly via its 600% range of adjustment rather than a two position set-up on competitive designs. Other standard features include an electronic fuel gauge and the high visibility wrap around taillight that your friends will be viewing.



Yamaha, SRX
With even more muscle in 2002, this powerplant continues to lead the industry in state-of-the-art engine technology. Want proof? Check out our industry-first features such as triple high-flow, liquid-heated 33mm flat-slide Mikuni carbs, ultra-precise 300-watt digital CDI ignition, throttle position sensor (TPS), self-cleaning electronic power exhaust valves, and an all-new-for-2002 detonation sensor that utilizes Indy car technology to increase horsepower and improve upon our already legendary durability. Simply put, you won't find more ballistic acceleration anywhere.


Ski-Doo, Mach Z
If you love intimidating power, you're going to fall hard for the 2002 Mach Z snowmobile. Its bad-to-the-bone personality starts with the black on black paint, and runs all the way through the snarl of the engine. Squeeze the trigger on this high performance speed machine and get your instant adrenaline fix. Because the Mach Z is all about speed. The throaty Rotax®, 800cc triple/triple turns the Mach Z into a rocket on snow. The sled's high horsepower output and bulging, muscular styling let other riders know you're nobody to mess with.


Polaris, 700 XC SP
In any group ride, somebody has to be first. It might as well be you. The Indy 700 XC SP is a natural leader as its new variable exhaust equipped 700cc case reed engine delivers an incredible eight horsepower increase. The standard fuel selector switch, digital CDI and water temp and throttle position sensors ensure the 700's durability matches its class leading performance while new carburation improves fuel economy and ease of starting. It all rides on our EDGE™ chassis-famous for keeping your center of gravity low and your spirits high. Like all XC SP's, the 700 is available in Indy Red or Black metallic.



Yamaha, SXViper ER
Whereas both SXViper models feature a new-design low-friction recoil starting system, the beauty you see here — the all-new SXViper ER — also comes equipped with electric start and reverse to add a dash more versatility to your mogul-pounding fun. Otherwise, all the same state-of-the-art goodies abound, starting right under that ever-so-sexy bodywork. Like arguably the industry's mightiest-ever 700cc single-pipe engine, with industry-leading self-cleaning, electronic power exhaust valves, industry-exclusive forced air induction, 300-watt digital CDI ignition and an all-new, aggressive clutch weight design that boosts already lightning-quick acceleration.


Ski-Doo, MX Z
Nothing tops the thrill of taking on the toughest riders over the toughest terrain and crossing the finish line first. And if you're the kind of rider who's genetically programmed for competition, we've got just the sled for you. The Ski-Doo® MX Z snowmobile. From torquey Rotax® motors that get you up, around and past whatever's in your way to the lightest-in-class design, this high-performance sled is a snowmobiler racer's dream.


Polaris, 600 XC SP
In naming the Indy 600 XC SP their Sled of the Year, SnowGoer magazine called the 600 XC SP "The Perfect Sled." It couples the most powerful single pipe 600cc engine in the business with our best selling EDGE™ chassis. Improving upon perfection is not easy, but for '02 the Indy 600's case reed engine with variable exhaust delivers improved fuel economy and reduced oil consumption. The liquid-cooled hydraulic brake is a Polaris exclusive, standard on all XC SP's.


Yamaha, VK 540 III
Unfortunately for some, winter isn't all fun and games. Work needs getting done, and to that end we offer the invincible VK 540 III. Equipped with a huge 156"x 20" track, the VK puts down a monstrous footprint ideal for hauling loads, working in deep snow or even pulling a friend out of trouble. It has a hi/lo/reverse transmission tapping into a potent, 535cc fan-cooled twin. Armed with a sturdy cargo rack out back and a roomy underseat storage compartment, the VK 540 III is ready and willing for everything from fence-mending to ice fishing.



Polaris, 500 XC SP
The variable exhaust equipped Indy 500 XC SP also delivers class-leading performance. It leads the pack with our award winning EDGE™ chassis with 10.3" of front travel supported by our new race proven aluminum bodied gas shocks and our Controlled Roll Center (CRC) design to keep more of the skis kissing the ground while turning. The fully-coupled rear suspension, our exclusive Position Sensitive rear track shock and Dual Angle Tunnel (DAT) combine to offer an unsurpassed ride.


Ski-Doo, Summit
Powerful twin-cylinder Rotax® engines rocket you to the summit on the lightest, most maneuverable chassis in-class. Add a long mountain track - ranging from 136 to 151 inches - and you have the perfect machine for shredding the most remote bowls in the mountains. As if that weren't enough, the Summit also comes with the Digital Performance Management (DPM) system to accommodate changes in altitude and weather, keeping your sled running at peak performance up to 14,000 feet.


Yamaha, Venture 700/600
Long recognized as the industry standard for luxury two-up touring, the liquid-cooled Venture 700 and 600 triples power you along with smooth, broadband punch and class-leading fuel economy to boot. Down below, an all-new 136" track wraps around the Easy-Adjust-equipped, long-travel ProAction Plus® rear suspension, delivering superb traction and incomparably plush ride quality.


Polaris, 500 XC
No sled runs harder for the money than the Indy 500 XC. It comes equipped with a host of premium features like composite skis, high output 120 watt halogen headlight, and stylish left hand control block with integrated multi-position hand and thumb warmer and headlight controls. The EDGE™ chassis, our compression-adjustable Indy Select shocks up front, exclusive Position Sensitive rear track shock, fully-coupled rear suspension, and our case reed 500cc iron-lined engine with triple exhaust ports complete this high performance yet low cost sled.



Yamaha, SXViper
Under a sleek, sculpted hood modeled after our mind-bending open-class R1 sport bike lurks arguably the strongest 700cc single-pipe engine the industry has ever produced, armed with race-proven Yamaha technology like self-cleaning, electronic power exhaust valves, 300-watt digital CDI ignition with throttle position sensor, and forced air induction.


Yamaha, Mountain Max 700
Powered by Yamaha's renowned, liquid-cooled, single-pipe triples boasting broader, more usable powerbands and crisper throttle response than any competitive twin on the market. And outfitted with features like our ProAction Mountain rear suspension, 141" x 2" Deep Snow Special track (improved for even greater durability in 2002), lightweight plastic skis, mountain handlebar strap, anti-slip siderails and tapered tunnel.


Yamaha, Vmax 700/600 ER
Power comes from your choice of liquid-cooled, 700cc or 600cc single-pipe triples delivering superb fuel economy and broader, smoother powerbands than the competition. And the lightweight ProAction System® chassis platform — featuring an industry-leading, long-travel ProAction Plus® rear suspension, lightweight plastic skis, exclusive Easy-Adjust suspension settings and an all-new track — does the rest, serving up a ride as renowned for its razor-sharp and predictable handling as it is for ultra-plush comfort.


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