Park Ridge by Snowshoe

Kings Canyon National Park, Central Sierra Nevada, California

Kings Canyon national Park is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California. Most of the park is inaccessible by car in the winter but on snow shoes or cross country skis you can see enjoy Kings Canyon National Park in the winter as well. It's a better alternative to nearby Yosemite  which is crowded all year, even in the winter. In Kings Canyon you can have it all to yourself.

The average snow fall in the central Sierra Nevada is about 10 feet per year. It's very hard to get around without snow shoes or cross country skis.

On a clear day like this you can get great views of Kings Canyon National Park. This spot is about one day of snowshoeing into the park from where the road ends in the winter. If you want to get to the far end of Kings Canyon you have to spend a few weeks snow shoeing.

If you're not expecting a big snow storm you can get by with a cheap 3-season tent in the Sierra Nevada. In worst case you may have to make a snow shelter if the weather gets too rough.

The only disadvantage with backpacking in the winter are the short days. You need a wood camp stove for snow camping
like the Stratus Trailstove in the winter time (lower right corner of the picture). This is the only camp stove in the world that is a good choice for winter camping.

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