How to make emergency snow shoes

Cut down two thickly vegetative branches 2-3 ft long (60-90 cm) from a fir or similar tree.


2. TIE STRING. Tie a string about 2 ft long (60 cm) around the base of the branch at a branching near the cut off end, in the branch as shown.


3. TIE STRING AGAIN. Tie string again around the base but on the opposite side of the branching. This ensures that the string is fixed in any direction.


4. ATTACH TO SHOE. Tie string to the front of your shoe. Make sure it goes through the front shoe lace threading holes as in the picture. Make sure all ends and sides of the branch are pointing up away from the ground.


5. ANGLE. Your shoe should be able to flip up to an angle of around 30 degrees. This is very important, the snowshoes must pivot around your toes and drag in the back. If the snow shoes don't pivot the front ends will go into the snow and you can't move forwards.


6. WALK. If you have done everything right you will be able to walk on the snow with your emergency snowshoes.


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