How to make a Snow Mound Shelter - also know as a Quinzhee:

This type of snow shelter requires a lot of hard work but when it's done it's just as warm as an igloo. It requires less skill than an igloo though.

The basic concept is: Make a big pile of snow and then dig the inside out of it.

1. Find a nice spot for your snow shelter, stick a skipole or other long object into the center as far down as the floor of the shelter will be. Mark a circle in the snow around the center to the specifications in the following table.

1 6 ft 10 ft 6 ft 2 ft
2 7 ft 11 ft 7 ft 3 ft
3-4 9 ft 13 ft 9 ft 5 ft
2. Pile a mound of snow inside the circle, keep the slope at an angle of around 35 degrees for best stability. When you're done let the snow settle for 1 to 2 hours.

3. Start digging on the side of the mound that is away from the wind. First dig down deep and then in towards the center of the mound. When you get past where the inside wall will be you can dig a little bit upwards. When you reach the center marker you placed in step 1 just leave it where it is for now so you know where the center is.

4. Dig away until the inner radius is right and your ceiling height is good. It's very important to poke a hole for ventilation in the ceiling otherwise you could die in your sleep. Leave an elevated sleeping platform closer to the ceiling where the air is warmer.

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